Car Seat Check

We reckon car seat safety is pretty up there with the most important things to do before your baby comes along. We also reckon that you’ve got a hundred and one things to do as a parent-to-be, so we’d like to lighten the load and help ensure you're set up the right way.

We’re teaming up with Kiwi Baby, Mount Roskill on the monthly. Together, we’ll check that your car seat - regardless of brand - is installed correctly. We’re trained technicians and want to make the most of our knowledge and make sure you’re safe on the road!

You can join us every first Wednesday of the month and we'll give it a once over or install it for you.  It takes 10 minutes and you can book between 10.00am to 12.00 pm.  Bookings essential and bring a bath towel just in case (we'll explain that later!).

We'll give you a helping hand

We are certified and experienced at installing a wide range of capsules.  Whether it's Edwards & Co or not, our team will be on hand to assist you install your car seat.

This is a FREE of charge service, to any new parent with a car seat capsule.

The NZTA report around 1/2 of parents install their car seat incorrectly. Grab some safety tips to ensure you install your car seat accurately everytime.

Held monthly, on the first Wednesday of every month. Book below!

Upcoming events:


1st Wednesday of each month | Kiwibaby Mt Roskill

how to install your capsule

Installing your capsule is so easy!  Watch our quick guide and find out for yourself.

Video contents:

01:05 base installation - with isofix

02:20 base installation - with seatbelt

03:30 connecting capsule to base

03:50 capsule installation - with seatbelt

04:35 fitting your child in the capsule (including removing the newborn insert & adjusting the shoulder belt height)

06:10 securing your child in the capsule