Hands down, best stroller!

Hear from another one of our Brand Reps – Amanda – as she describes how Otto has made their summer even easier. The whole family loves it!

We’ve absolutely loved our experience with Otto. I’ve had a few strollers in the past and this is by far the best we have ever used. I always ask my son, “do you want to walk or use the stroller?” and he chooses the stroller every time.

Our whole family loves the Otto as well! My mum struggled to use our last stroller as it was heavy and hard to push. She loves coming out with us knowing she can push my son and not use her cane for support. She now uses the stroller each time.

Our Favourite Features

Otto is so easy to use – they say you can “fold with only one hand” and they’re not lying! At first, the fold was a bit tricky however, once I read the instructions, it was very easy to understand.

Our best trip this summer was to Funfest in Auckland – it was a great family day out. Otto was so helpful at the event as there was enough room in the bottom of the stroller to put all our supplies for the day. This is something we were surprised by as Otto is such a tiny, compact stroller. We have also gone for walks along the beach (making the most of the good weather) and Otto handles perfectly.

Another surprising – and super helpful – feature is despite its small frame, Otto fits my four year old daughter when she gets tired and needs a break.

There are honestly too many features to choose from but my favourite would be the easy fold/unfold. My son always wants me to hold him so the fact I can hold him on my hip, while folding Otto down, is a lifesaver.

Having Otto on hand this summer has been great because I have just been able to leave it in the car which I couldn’t do with my other stroller. This means it’s always on hand when we need it. It also has a great shade on it, so we haven’t risked getting sunburnt while out and about.

In Amanda’s own words…

Are you after a lightweight, small stroller? If so, this is the best option. It is so easy to use and even comes with a complimentary travel bag for the flight. It is so easy to push and is hands down the best stroller I have used.