Black Luxe exclusive to Baby On The Move

For such a tiny stroller, Otto has been making big waves across Australia and New Zealand. The eagerly anticipated stroller has landed, and all pre-orders have been shipped! There’s been a flurry on social media over the past couple of weeks as the delivery man made his way to each family. Lives have already been made easier by Otto’s compact size and featherlight frame (by featherlight we mean under 7kg which in the world of buggies is super light!) We’ve even seen babies making the most of Otto’s fully-reclined feature by enjoying a snooze.  

If you haven’t yet purchased an Otto travel stroller, what are you waiting for?!

Otto comes in five colourways with the ever-stylish Black Luxe available exclusively at New Zealand’s Baby On The Move stores nationwide. Head to your nearest Baby On The Move store – from Auckland’s North Shore to Dunedin in the Deep South – to test drive Otto for yourself.

Otto folds in three seconds flat so even those of you with a newborn will have time to check out the Black Luxe Otto during your baby’s tiny window of awake time! And with a lie-flat seat, Otto is certified from newborn to toddlers up to 20kg.

We know how personal a stroller purchase can be. You want to give it a push, manoeuvre the wheels and recline the seat a few times before you’re sold. Baby On The Move staff are trained to give you a thorough demo of Otto and won’t let you leave without all your questions answered.

All five colours are available to purchase from our website but if you’re after the full experience, and an exclusive look at Otto in Black Luxe, you’ll want to shop the traditional way at a Baby On The Move store.

And once you join the Otto Club, don’t forget to share your experience on social media! We can’t wait to hear what you think.   

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