Capsule Base s2


Click and go!

One click to get your capsule out of the base and then into your Ed & Co stroller for a safe and convenient fit every time.

Safe and secure

Securely install the base to your car using ISOFIX, or with a regular seat belt and belt tensioner. Once fitted, the base unit is left


ISOFIX allows you to more safely fix the seat to the ISOFIX anchors in your car, removing the need for seat belts.

Product specs at a glance

  • Belt fix or ISOFIX
  • Refer to your vehicle's instruction manual for more information on its ISOFIX system
  • Capsule and base approved to ECE44/04 STD for up to 13kgs (12-15 months)

Download user manual

Get some detailed info

Need some help? No problem. Read our simple yet detailed instruction manual here.

DOWNLOAD USER MANUAL - capsule base DOWNLOAD USER MANUAL - capsule base series 2